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Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 aka lenny
Init menggunakan Upstart1)


  • Linux Kernel optimized for desktop/interactivity
  • Versi: 2.6.30 untuk RC1 dan 2.6.32 untuk RC2
  • Configuration
    • Base: default config of debian package from release testing (squeeze) with some modification
    • Default scheduler: CFQ (CONFIG_DEFAULT_CFQ). Other schedulers are set to module (m)
    • Preemptible kernel/low-latency-desktop (CONFIG_PREEMPT), timer freq. 1000 Hz (CONFIG_HZ_1000)
    • RC1: SLAB, RC2: SLUB (CONFIG_SLUB). SLAB is for general workload, but SLUB is set default in 2.6.32, it seems SLUB has been tested by developer
    • Disable CONFIG_X86_BIGSMP and number of CPU set to 8 (CONFIG_NR_CPUS=8)
    • Power and events based on /proc pseudofilesystem are activated, since we still use “stable” userland tools (CONFIG_ACPI_PROCFS_POWER=y and CONFIG_ACPI_PROC_EVENT=y)
    • Set IPV6 to module (CONFIG_IPV6=m)
  • CD #2: linux-firmware-nonfree


  • live-initramfs, backported from testing >=1.173
  • squashfs 4.0. this filesystem merged in 2.6.29(?) with 4.0 layout and it is not backward compatible, so we must use squashfs-tools 4.0 to generate 4,0 filesystem or we can't mount squashfs 3.x fs generated by squashfs-tools (stable)
  • Another union filesystem (aufs). Generate aufs module for the kernel version. Merged in 2.6.31(?)
  • Hardware detection with udev cold-plugging via live-initramfs +modules


debian-installer aka d-i for live system


  • ACPI (acpid, acpi-tools), hotkeys, laptop-related support, hdaps_protect, suspend/hibernate, LVM2, Bluetooth, PPP, atl2, thinkpad fingerprint, …
  • Filesystem supports including ext2, ext3, ext4, reiserfs, XFS, JFS, FAT, NTFS (ntfs-3g)
  • Drivers:
    • complete WiFi drivers available: acx100/111, at76c50x, ath5k/ath9k, bcm43x(?), ipw2100/ipw2200, iwlwifi (ipw3945/4965), prism, rt2400, rt2500, rt2570, rt2860, rt2x00, zd1201/1211
    • printer: CUPS, foomatic*, hpijs, hplip, hpoj
    • webcam: gspca/spca5x
    • modem drivers and tools
    • firmware: atmel, bluez-firmware, ipw2100/ipw2200(CD-2), iwlwifi, ralink, zd1211
  • Power-related: powersaved, cpufrequtils, libcpufreq, …


  • XOrg 7.3


  • Repository: Debian mirrors list in Indonesia, the official ones are still there
set Essential to No in sysvinit and Yes to upstart package
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